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Variable Pressure Electron Scanning Microscope


Scanning Electron Microscope provides the capabilities of increased magnification for analysis of particulate evidence, paper fibers or the intersection of written lines to determine sequence of preparation.  The increased capability of x-ray analysis allows for characterization of a variety of evidence including paper, ink, toner and pencil.  This characterization allows for a determination of common origin or source

The variable pressure of the ESEM allows for imaging of non-conductive specimen without coating. The ESEM has Secondary Electron (SE) detector, Back Scattered Electron (BE) detector, Specimen Current detector, and electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) detector. The unit also has an EDS detector capable of detecting elements B and up.


  • SEI Resolution: 35 Angstroms @ 30kV in high vacuum mode
  • BEI Resolution: 55 Angstroms @ 30kV in variable pressure mode
  • Accelerating Voltage: 0.3 - 30 kV
  • Magnification: 20X - 300,000X
  • Working Distance: 3-60 mm
  • Specimen Stage: Eucentric tilt -20 to +90; Rotate 360; x = 80 mm, y = 40 mm, z = 26 mm

Specimen Considerations

  • Accommodates wet, oily, non-conductive samples.
  • Conductor, Semiconductor, Insulator, biological, polymer, textile, etc.
  • Specimen up to 30 mm dia.


  • Everhart-Thornley Detector
  • Robinson Backscatter Detector
  • Absorbed Current Meter
  • Digital capture of images with NIH Image software or ISIS software.
  • Polaroid 4X5 camera also available

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