Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GS/MS)

GC/MS is a separation technique that is used routinely in forensic laboratories for the examination of drugs, fire debris, toxicology and trace evidence. In the examination of writing inks GC/MS is used to quantitate various components that are present in ink that decrease with time and therefore can be used as an indication of the age of the writing. GC/MS requires the removal of samples of ink from the documents at issue in order to complete the examination.


  • Agilent Model 6890 GC and Model 5975B MSD
  • Column – HP5MS, 30’
  • Helium gas flow at 1ml/min
  • Source - 250ºC
  • Injector - 250ºC
  • Oven - 75ºC ramped at 25º/min. to 250ºC

gas chromatography - mass spectrometry

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